Hometown Tire Inc


Hometown Tire takes the “tire” out of “sick and tired of waiting around at the tire shop.”  We believe in putting a premium on the value of your time and providing the most common and important services to address all of your tire and tire-related needs. 

While we’ve become best known for specializing in selling new tires (including balancing & rotating on site), for all cars, trucks, trailers, Class C RVs, camper trailers and golf carts, that’s not all we do.

The links below will take to you each of our specialized services, all performed on the site of your choosing – your home, office, while you’re shopping, or playing a round of golf or a few sets of pickleball.

In other words, we come to you!  How’s that for service?

Reach out through our CONTACT form or give us a call at 352-396-6240 to schedule your appointment.  Still have questions? Check out our YouTube channel to learn more about who we are, our background, what we do, and get answers to some our most frequently asked questions.

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We would love to connect with you! Better yet, we’d love to assist you with your tire needs, wherever you need us.